Lattelog #7: New year, new us!

Lattelog #7: New year, new us!

We're always boothing in Singapore every 3-4 months a year.. we hope you've not had enough of us yet, Singapore! As we continue to evolve and experiment with new media and apparel, we have much more to show you this year!

Doujima 2024 was our first appearance after rebranding with our new logo and new look. If you noticed, we also revamped our display a little this time.. We painted some boards in pastel pink and green with new displays and a new logo board as well! We hope you liked it~

This year's Doujima was filled with our new items, such as the Skeletal System Jackets that we love and adore. We've had a ton of positive reviews on the jackets and are working hard to produce them, but this was the first time we actually got to show them offline. Hopefully, some of you got to see it too!

Other than our jackets, we've brought our Seasonal Memento Earrings, Fervent Devotion Rings, Serene Bliss Lockets and our last minute Summoning Circle Photocard Holders. To our surprise, most of them were nearly sold out! You have no idea how grateful we are that many of you enjoyed our recent collections (and helped us lessen the luggage to bring home too..). We'll make sure to bring more the next time we come!

It's been quite hot these days in Singapore, we might have to bring more light apparel as well appropriate for the heat the next time we return. See you all again soon.. really soon! :)

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