Lattelog #6: Gacha Addiction

Lattelog #6: Gacha Addiction

Finally done with our first art market of the year.. KiraKira Art Market Vol. 2 was just last weekend and we’re here to talk about some things that happened at the market!

We set up the Friday before so we were already finished by then and didn't have to come too early. So we were quite prepared when we got there and just had to add a few things up on display! It was raining quite hard the past few days but we're glad there were still people coming in despite the weather.

The crowd that turned out was amazing... and you were all so very sweet. Especially the fellow artists we got to meet, we’re so inspired now! We launched our newest collection at KKAM as well, the Serene Bliss Lockets and Fervent Devotion Rings! This collection is an extension of Winged & Wicked from last December, if you remember. It ran out so quickly on the first day, that we had to go back and grab more for Sunday!

On top of that, our Manifesting Minerals Phone Grips Gacha was quite the contender at KKAM. So many of you were eager to try out the gacha machine! It actually nearly ran out.. We didn't expect our gacha to do so well here. We suppose it may be the gacha addiction in our blood... but thank you so much for trying it out if you did! We hope you enjoyed it :)

Hopefully you’re all happy to hear from us again after a very long time. Not to worry though, we’ll be back very soon! We’re currently hard at work preparing for the spring launches, so make sure to keep an eye out for Snow’s WIPs on their socials at @snowlattes and on IG. Take care!

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