Lattelog #5: We're Popular with the Aunties..

Lattelog #5: We're Popular with the Aunties..

Happy New Year 2024 🥳✨
Wishing all of you here a wonderful year ahead! We’ve had an amazing year in terms of the growth of our store.. and achieved many milestones that we’re so very proud of. If you happened to miss last year’s Snowlattes Wrapped, don’t forget to check it out here.

We’d like to start off by looking back and reflecting a little on our latest con of 2023, Public Garden Christmas at SUNTEC. We had a ton of fun getting to talk to you, even seeing some of you take pictures at our booth and trying on our apparel! We’re so happy that some of you also came by in Snowlattes drip that we couldn’t help but share it on our socials. You know who you are~

Our newest trinkets, the Manifesting Minerals Popsockets, also made its debut in Public Garden. Did any of you get a glimpse of them? We were honestly quite shocked because most of it sold out on the first day! Hope some of you aren’t too disappointed now.. We’ll make sure it’ll be up on both the online store and Tokopedia. The love we received for them made us really happy! Although, we may have been a little too loud but it really was exciting seeing you gacha our popsockets (but we hope you didn’t mind that). Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

We do have a list of THE TOP 10 FAVORITES FROM PUBLIC GARDEN.. yes we’ve been keeping track 🤓 In no particular order.. let’s start!
  1. Personal Space Messenger Bags (For some reason we had a bunch of aunties eyeing the bags. They wanted the display too and said it’s perfect for shopping. Tried it for so long around the booth too and was unable to choose the color they wanted, it was hilarious!)
  2. Moonstone and Rose Quartz Popsockets (Oh, you guys absolutely ate it up.)
  3. Moral Compass (Seemed to be a favorite Christmas-themed gift!)
  4. Anima Pouches (Never pass up on a cute lil pouch to organize your bag with right?)
  5. Angel’s Testament Collar (Cute, quirky and functional. We would never pass up on that opportunity!)
  6. Fallen Divinity Cardigan (Our first time releasing Winged & Wicked here in Singapore but it was a hit too! We even saw some of you wear it to the event 🤭)
  7. Various Snowlattes Christmas Prints (They’re perfect as gifts, as decor on your walls, I mean wouldn’t you?)
  8. En Morte Vita Bucket Hats (So many of you were surprised it was quite reversible too!)

We’ve got new goals for a new year. It’s always quite exciting to plan these things when we’ve got a clean slate to start with, but we hope you’ll join us on this journey. Your support is what fuels us to keep creating!

Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve this year? Let’s both do our best to achieve them! 
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