Lattelog #4: Spread your wings and fly!

Our favorite season of the year.. is finally here! We’re proud to introduce a very special project of ours this month, Winged & Wicked will be our final launch of the year (perhaps a break for us in a bit too…). 

We asked Snow how this concept came to be, as this has been a concept 2 years in the making for them! Believe it or not. It started out a few years back, with the idea of how cool it would be to have angel wings wrap around your body as a scarf.. and it spiraled from then on. 

During the concepting of this collection, we came up with other apparel and accessories to compliment the Seraph Scarf like the Fallen Divinity Knit Cardigan for the chilly season, and the Morningstar Button-up Shirt. We also made socks, reversible beanies and collars.

It’s been such a ride, and to finally see this collection finally come to the light has been truly a joy to watch. We’re always aiming to try new things with every launch, so we hope you’ll enjoy our labor of love. 

Happy Holidays and don’t forget to stay warm this winter ❄️ 



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